Alpha Omega

Our mission is clear ... 

We Make Magicians! 

Our vision for the future is bright ...

To Become More than Human!

But, what does this really mean? 

It means we transform ordinary human beings into persons who have realized the awakening of their own sleeping powers for the benefit of nature and the collective; the full awakening of spiritual consciousness to bring the Divine spark within to shine like a Golden Dawn.

In short ...

Our mission is to improve the human soul, reveal to human beings their dormant powers, and reveal the full power of love that completely transforms the mind and transcends blind egoism. 

But why?

Because every woman and every man at all times has the internal resources that can be used through Magick to confront every type of problem that afflicts humanity.

We Make Magicians ...

... NOT Mystics!

The mystic thinks of self-liberation and to unite with God. Magicians, on the other hand, are active in the world and are interested in serving others. Magicians do not retreat from the world. They improve it.

Magicians possess four elemental weapons that represent the four forces of nature. Thus a true Magician has the capacity both within and whiout his or her Temple to utilize these implements to manipulate the corresponding elemental forces of fire, water, air, and earth. In this way, it is truly possible, using Magick, to save the Earth while working constructively and without egoism. 

And then what?

A reawakening of the sleeping powers inside mankind, in full contact with the Magical forces of nature, will return the natural human being that existed prior to religious deformation who, being natural, will be incapable of harming the Earth.

And then …

... With a critical mass of trained Magicians at work, with the elevation of true spiritual consciousness, the future world will be equilibrated and nature decontaminated; a natural heaven on Earth.

What is the VISION of the AO?

To make Magicians - in order to restore, equilibrate, and decontaminate this world ...

To establish heaven on earth now and in the future.

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