Golden Dawn Rituals With Audio Instruction

from The Ritual Magic Manual

The Ritual Magic Manual

The world's most comphensive book on Golden Dawn magic, The Ritual Magic Manual, by David Griffin, has been permanently withdrawn from print. Prices on the secondary and antiquarian book markets have skyrocketed to as much as $3,449 due to record breaking demand for copies of this user-friendly manual of the magic of light. The Ritual Magic Manual today remains exclusively available in e-lesson form to free to members of our order! Students of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn recieve regular e-lessons from the Ritual Magic Manual completely free of charge, grade by grade, including full color talismans and Enochian Tablets.

The Ritual Magic Manual is most comprehensive handbook of Practical Magic available anywhere. Clearly written and easy to follow Rituals teach you how to harness the power of Elemental, Astrological, and Sephirothic Magic. "Practical Magic" shows you how to use the Rituals for personal and spiritual growth, as well as to transform your environment. Below are some of the basic rituals used by our students in the Golden Dawn School of Magic and Alchemy, enhanced with sound links for correct pronunciation.


Introduction (Excerpts)

Table of Contents



Rite of the Qabalistic Cross

Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram

Analysis of the Key Word

Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Hexagram

Middle Pillar Ritual


The Enochian Elemental Tablets


Here is what experts are saying about the lessons from the Ritual Magic Manual:

"A breathtaking and comprehensive ceremonial magic tour de force. Unquestionably, students of the Golden Dawn and the Thelemic traditions will welcome this massive work. Griffin's colorful and innovative treatment of the Enochian material deserves special attention and praise." - Lon Milo DuQuette, author of "The Magick of Thelema" and "Angels, Demons, & Gods of the New Millennium"

"This is a must for anyone interested in personal and spiritual development. Israel Regardie frequently suggested that the techniques of ritual magic could serve as powerful psychotherapeutic tools, should they ever be discovered by mainstream psychology. This makes many such techniques available as never before." - Cris Monnastre, psychotherapist, former student of Israel Regardie and author of the Introduction to the 5th Edition of Israel Regardie's "The Golden Dawn."

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