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  • Astrodienst - Get your free horoscope - and much more! Astrodienst AG in Z_rich, Switzerland provides the world's best astrology site for free horoscopes, professional astrological reports and information about astrology.
  • Astro Astro - Personalized Vedic Astrology, An Excellent Interactive Vedic Astrology Site with Free Horoscopes and Charts.
  • AstrologyNow - Your own personalized horoscope and astrology information for daily living.
  • Robert Zoller's Medieval Astrology - Robert Zoller, astrology prediction and personal horoscopes based on medieval astrological techniques. Buy and download astrological books and courses. Professional advisor and scholar on occult, magic, alchemy and philosophy. Free downloads.
  • Widget's Astrology World - Services include directory of 1001+ astrological articles, free birthchart interpretations, free compatibility reports, free astrological fonts, free instant astro-tarot readings, Ask the Astrologer column and I-Ching forecastor.
  • The Celestial Observer - Chart of equinxes, solstice, and cross quarter dates and times world wide.
  • CalSky - An on-line Resource that provides Ephemeris, data of Sun and moon Phases etc.; different languages.
  • - All about Astrology in Russia: horoscopes, forecasts, books, articles, software, and discussions.
  • World timezones map - Provides a world map of time zones with local times.
  • FindYourFate - On-line Astrology Services, Western and Indian (Jyotish) astrology and much more.


  • The Astrologers Apprentice-  - Magazine, books and a correspondence course.
  • Astrology Center of America - National Clearinghouse for Astrology Books & Tarot Cards. Large selection of hard-to-find astrology books in Western & Hindu/Vedic Astrology, as well as hundreds of tarot decks. 24 hour service - we ship world-wide.
  • Midheaven Bookshop - Astrological bookshop with a very large selection of astrological titles. Worldwide distributor of CPA Press hardback books. Midheaven also represent a wide range of astrological software.
  • Prediction - A horoscope guide bursting with essential astrological infromation.
  • The Wessex Astrologer -  Publishers of high quality Astrology books and Astrodice. Distributors of Astrology Books and the Mountain Astrologer Magazine in Europe.
  • - On-line Services of Astrology, both Western and Indian (Jyotish) Astrology. Love and Relationshop Charts and much more.


  • American Federation of Astrologers - Encouragse and promotes the science and art of astrology.
  • AstroQab - Astrology & Qabalah - Blending astrology and qabalah and drawing deeply on the works of Alice Bailey.
  • C.U.R.A. The International Astrology Research Center -  An epistemological, historical and critical approach to astrology. The site is free and provides articles, texts, documents.
  • The Mountain Astrologer -  The world's premier astrology magazine - essential reading for anyone practicing or studying astrology. Each issue contains in-depth articles, global forecasts, book reviews, and astro-humor.
  • Rennaissance Astrology - Provides courses, readings, and books in Rennaissance astrology.
  • - A wealth of astrological information and tools.
  • StarDate Online - Non-technical information about astronomy and space exploration, including stargazing tips, FAQs, sky almanac, solar system guide, StarDate magazine articles, and K-12 teacher resources. StarDate Online is the web companion to the popular syndicated radio program.
  • The Starry Messenger -  Phase I of the Electronic History of Astronomy developed in the Whipple Museum of the History of Science and the Department of History and Philosophy of Science.
  • Your Sky - Your Sky is an interactive web planetarium.


  • Astro123 & AstroWin - Free, open-source astrology programs for Windows.
  • Astrolog 5.40 - A freeware astrology program, with versions for Windows, DOS, Mac, Unix, and complete source code also available.
  • Digital Jyotish - Vedic astrology software for Windows.
  • Matrix Software - Astrology Matrix and Matrix Software is a world leader in the creation of quality astrology software for Windows.
  • Original Astrolog - More Astrolog freeware for various platforms, including original files.
  • Skylendar - Astrology software for Linux.
  • Time Cycles Research - Excellent astrology software for MacIntosh.
  • What Watch -  A powerful freeware tool that covers many areas and techniques of astrology.
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