Who Is Aleister Crowley?

Most people know evil Aleister Crowley had "something" to do with the Golden Dawn. This is no accident. Google citing Wikipedia even today falsely suggests that Crowley founded the Golden Dawn. This is like saying Benedict Arnold founded the United States. In reality, pervert and criminal Aleister Crowley was the greatest traitor the Golden Dawn has ever known!
Recent scholarship suggests the harm inflicted to the Golden Dawn by Crowley was not accidental. Crowley is now known to have been an operative of the British Secret Service, who was sent expressly to scuttle the nascent Golden Dawn. 
The damage inflicted on the Golden Dawn by Crowley’s treason and publication of many of our secret teachings, rituals, etc, has been immeasurable. In fact, the entire HOGD nearly died out at one point because of it. In vain, our true founder, S.L. MacGregor Mathers sued Crowley, but Mathers had not properly protected G.D. copyrights and lost.
One should not think, however, that such betrayal goes unpunished. Magical oaths, especially like those with sacred orders like the Golden Dawn are nothing to be trifled with. Crowley died a broken man, addicted to heroin, alone, and destitute. 
Aleister Crowley is a shining example for all to see of what happens to those who violate their oaths to protect the sanctity of the mysteries inviolate.
That Crowley is so frequently confused with the Golden Dawn is no accident. Zealous followers of “Crowleyanity”, the religion founded by Aleister Crowley also known “Thelema” deliberately sow seeds of such confusion on the internet, trying to take a free ride on the good reputation of our order. 
This has been part of a larger effort in recent years to whitewash or reform the reputation of Aleister Crowley. Meanwhile, serious researchers like Professor Hugh Urban of Princeton University instead have indicated Crowley was involved in serial and ritual murder.
Followers of Aleister Crowley’s Thelema sex cult have been exposed as involved in ritual pedophilia. In her recent book, The Devil on The Doorstep: My Escape From A Satanic Sex Cult, Annabelle Forrest tells how she was forced by Crowlean Satanists, to sleep with 1,800 men by the time she was 18 as part of the “Thelema" sex cult.
The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn AΩ denounces the criminal, unethical, and immoral activities of Aleister Crowely and the followers of his Thelema sex cult. We have nothing to do with them and never have. In fact, we make every effort to dispel all misunderstanding about the evil of Aleister Crowley and expose the truth about the dangers of Crowleyanity and the Thelema sex cult.
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