Sexual Polarity & The Golden Dawn

Dear Friend and Seeker of the Classical Golden Dawn

Are you letting Victorian prudishness take control of your life?

I am not a gambling man, but my bet is that you will answer be no. McGregor Mathers and many of the leaders of the original Golden Dawn also answered this question with a resounding NO. They rejected the oppressive Victorian attitudes toward sexuality and love in favor of an open-minded and spiritually balanced one. They set an amazing precedent when they allowed women and men equally into the order and embraced fully the essential Hermetic principles of polarity and gender.

"How can we hope that the world will become purer and less material when one excludes from the Divine, which is the highest ideal, part of its nature which represents at one and the same time the faculty of receiving and giving - that is to say love itself and its highest form---love the symbol of universal sympathy?" (Moina Mathers in Conversations With the Hierophant Rameses and the High Priestess Anari, from The Humanitarian: a monthly magazine. February 1900).

Now get this...

A group calling itself the "Guardians of the True Golden Dawn Mysteries" is betting that you will embrace the Victorian view of sex as shameful and dirty. They are betting that you will recoil by the words sex and magic in the same sentence. They are betting that you will open your wallet and PAY THEM hundreds of dollars to teach you the Golden Dawn with a deep sigh of relief that they saved you from what is not to be named.

I am not a gambling man, but I will bet you will reject their marketing of fear in favor of a spiritually healthy approach to every facet of your life.

"Anybody who regards sex as evil, or is in any way afraid of it or self-conscious about it, had better leave occultism alone; for it is only through a perfectly naturalistic attitude towards giving of life that life force can be handled." (Dion Fortune, author and initiate of Mathers' Alpha et Omega)

Let me blunt...this is more important than choosing the "right" Golden Dawn group. This is about your proper education and advancement in a spiritual system you are deeply interested in. This is about your right to experience wholesome growth in the Golden Dawn current and the most sublime of solar mysteries.

They in their eagerness to scare you asked us to prove their ignorance. Let us take this darkness of fear and ignorance and turn it into a true lamp of understanding for as it says in the Neophyte initiation:

"In all thy wandering in Darkness, the Lamp of the Kerux went before thee, though it was not seen by thine eyes. It is the Symbol of the Light of Hidden Knowledge."

1st Ray of Truth:

Your progress in our order will occur in a safe and peaceful environment. We here at the Alpha et Omega in the spirit of the classical and traditional Golden Dawn do not practice or engage in sexual activity in rituals. There are no orgies of any kind or sexual experimentation like was carried out by Aleister Crowley.

2nd Ray of Truth:

You will have access to more than just knowledge easily found in printed books. One of the well known principles among initiates is that teachings of the order existed orally as well as in written format. This oral tradition within the Golden Dawn and the Alpha et Omega is substantial.

Ithell Colquhoun in her important biography of S. L. McGregor Mathers gave prominence to the question of the importance of sexual energies within the Golden Dawn. She mentions a sexual oral tradition within the original Golden Dawn and the Alpha et Omega.

See for yourself how Mathers asks Horniman to obtain direct oral teaching on the sexual mysteries from Westcott and does not refer her to any printed documents issued by the Order.

"I must ask you, whenever matters of sex arise in the Order, and you are asked for instruction thereon: to refer them to G.H. Frater N.O.M." (from McGregor Mathers letter to Annie Horniman, 8th January 1896)

3rd Ray of Truth:

Those who have been initiated into the highest grades of the traditional Golden Dawn know that sexual mysteries are indeed taught in the highest grades of the order. Those who have not and have not received the oral transmission - do not.

See for yourself how Moina Mathers, writing to the relatively prudish Annie Horniman, attributes teachings on the "Sex question" to a much "higher grade" than 5=6.

"Knowing as yet only something of the composition of the human being as a Theoricus Adept, you are really not in a position to form an opinion on these subjects . . . discussed as...human sexual connection...So if one of these...come up you would have to refer the question to a member of a much higher grade than Theoricus Adept." (Monia Mathers, 1895 letter)

Moina makes this point again in this letter:

"I regret that anything on the Sex question should have entered into the Temple at this stage for we only begin to touch on sex matters directly, in quite the higher Grades. In fact, we only give a rather complete explanation of this subject in that Grade where the Adept has proved to be so equilibrated and spiritualized that he is complete lord of his passionate self. Believe me, this is not mere theory." (a letter from Moina Mathers to Paul Foster Case alluding to teaching relation to sexual polarity in the Higher Grades)

4th Ray of Truth:

You will be provided with proper Golden Dawn teachings that encompasses all the fundamental principles of the Hermetic art including sexual polarity.

Sexuality is treated more explicitly in certain original Theoricus Adeptus Minor documents written by Mathers, particularly in the paper known as "The Opening of the Knowledge of the Masculine and Feminine Potencies necessary unto the manifestation of all things, symbolized in the diagram of the Flaming Sword between MTTRVN and SNDLPVN". Florence Farr, once Chief Adept in Anglia, also alludes to a sexual doctrine in the Golden Dawn Flying Roll XIII, "Secrecy and Hermetic Love."

Part of the teachings of the order were revealed by Dion Fortune in her book "The Philosophy of Love and Marriage." Moina Mathers objected to Dion Fortune's open disclosure of Alpha et Omega teachings on sexual polarity. Eventually Dion Fortune left the Alpha et Omega, but she understood the importance of those mysteries in the classical Golden Dawn tradition when she stated:

"Those who have entered into the deeper aspects of occultism know that Kundalini, the Serpent Force which lies curled up at the base of the spine, is really the sex force..." (Dion Fortune, What is Occultism?)

5th Ray of Truth:

It is clear that sex magic is a fundamental teaching of the historical Golden Dawn and any true Golden Dawn Order today and its inclusion in the curriculum is required by any classical Golden Dawn order.

Really think about this...

Would you trust your Golden Dawn education, hard-earned money, irreplaceable time, and vital spiritual development to a group of people who don't even know one of the most fundamental teachings of the order just because they have a pretty website?

I am not a gambling man, but I am betting on your spiritual discernment and desire to discover the real and true classical Golden Dawn teaching.

Too bad the author of the fear-based marketing and so-called Guardian of the Golden Dawn is a gambling man...

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